Why I Care About Crypto

I first discovered crypto in about 2013. I was following a podcaster who understood the potential of the technology and got me on the bandwagon. Bitcoin was hovering around USD $250 at the time, and I also bought around the same amount to get started. At that point in time, I was in college working a minimum wage job and I had been struggling financially. So, at some point, I withdrew the money, having decided that I needed it for something. It’s a vague memory. I recall going into an account, taking all my money out, converting it back to into USD, and then closing it. The details are fuzzy. I have no recollection of what I exchange I had signed up on or anything of consequence. That was my first foray into crypto. I promptly forgot about it until mid-last year, when it popped up onto my radar again.

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have been on a steadily rising, yet tumultuous journey since then. I wanted to share my current thoughts and concerns about the space. I explain in the following videos:

Why I Care About Crypto


Why I Worry About Crypto


Ultimately, the pitfalls of the crypto sphere will even out over time. The desire to make profit with or without a genuine desire to understand and learn, will create products that are useful and stand the test of time. One way or another the customers will be served.




CONSENSUS 2018 Day 2


Coindesk's Consensus 2018 just past its second day, where individuals and companies in the blockchain space gathered to network, learn and discuss topics. I met many individuals who were representing their companies, startups interested in changing the financial industry, strengthening the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency space, or starting something new. Some projects included, 0xcert,bullockchain, carinet, oilt, eternity, abcmint, bescouted, birdchain, mevu.bet, oilt.io