Exciting News: Particl Testnet Marketplace Release

Particl has released the Testnet version of it's e-commerce marketplace, the first decentralized application (dAPP) built on its privacy platform.

Key features include its mutually assured destruction (MAD) escrow service, varying privacy levels, wallet integration, and basic viewing, buying and selling of products. You can download it here:

And you can learn more here:

Why Didn't Particl Choose Ethereum

Why is Particl built on Bitcoin and not Ethereum? Paul Schmitzer of the Particl Team gives a talk at an Ethereum Meetup in Columbus, Ohio about why Particl is built using Bitcoin's blockchain protocol, instead of Ethereum. He also goes into more detail about Particl's development and future goals. This is my recording of the event.

Using the Particl Interface

As a follow up to my last post, this is a visual walkthrough of using the Particl Desktop Wallet and Particl Core user interface. We can use the desktop wallet to send and receive normal (pseudo-anonymous), private (use of stealth addresses), blind (use of stealth addresses and confidential transactions), and anonymous (ring-confidential) transactions. We can also do a balance transfer between the different privacy states. Other features include viewing transaction history, saving addresses, turning on coin control in Particl Core, and cold staking. 


Understanding the Particl Wallet

In this video blog, I explore the basic and advanced functions of the Particl wallet with Particl community member and content creator, b.b.2.k. We compare the features of the Particl Desktop Wallet, the Particl core GUI wallet built using Qt software, and briefly talk about the command line interface. Topics include learning about how the varying levels of privacy are achieved on the blockchain, that is pseudo-anonymous transactions, using stealth addresses, and Ring-ct transactions. Please use the timestamps to help navigate the discussion!


00:00 Intro

01:25 Using testnet

02:38 Main features of Particl Core and Particl Desktop Wallet

04:51 Bech32 addresses (Core)

06:25 Hardware wallet support (Core)

08:05 Anonymous transactions enabled (Core)

08:32 Console available in desktop v1.1 (Desktop)

09:23 Coin control (Core)

13:50 Cold staking and ZAP (Desktop)

19:40 Summary of features and differences between Particl core and Particl Desktop

22:23 Start of visual demonstration of using the wallet using Testnet

24:27 Normal/Public transaction demonstration

27:50 Blind transactions, stealth addresses, and how they work

37:14 Stealth address transaction demonstration

42:50 Blind transaction demonstration

46:30 Blind transaction inputs and outputs on blockchain

51:52 Anonymous or Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) and how they work

57:30 “Preparing the outputs” for an anon transaction

1:08:22 Anonymous transaction demonstration (This was not actually done but we look at an anonymous transaction on the blockchain)

1:13:08 Looking at the desktop wallet vs manual operations in Particl Core

1:16:39 Further explanations of the difference between Public, Blind, and Anon

1:20:18 What’s new for the Particl Core and Desktop Wallet newest releases.

1:21:47 Summary and goodbye

The Undiscovered Privacy Coin: Particl

Here I am back with some exciting news about my video series and a more in-depth look at the privacy features that Particl has to offer. This post first covers my surprising encounter using Particl’s desktop wallet, where I realised how intuitive it was to transfer coins from my public to private address. Then, I went further to find out more about the history of privacy coins as a response to the emergence of blockchain technology. I explore the varying levels of technology used by Particl in its blockchain protocol, its platform for DApps and its private messaging service. I also discuss the philosophical implications of privacy coins, how privacy is an extension of the right to self-ownership, and why these projects are important in our times.

Have a look:



00:00 Exciting News

01:38 Why Privacy coins?

05:38 Multi-state privacy in Particl

09:20 Private messaging and dapps

12:40 The importance of privacy

16:11 Summary

Talk soon!

Particl Explained in Three Minutes


After my last two interviews with an adviser on the Particl project, I’ve summarized my understanding of Particl into a more digestible format.

Below you can watch or read a breakdown:

Particl is an e-commerce platform that is run on blockchain technology, looking to disrupt traditional e-commerce platforms through what can be termed non-rigged competition. The main goal of the project is to provide a marketplace that belongs to both the buyers and the sellers with no middle man in between, or one that is decentralized. This allows sellers who are traditionally excluded from the global marketplace to access it due to much lower barriers to entry, just one example being advertising costs. It also incentivizes innovation by sellers, by allowing them to keep their sales data private, without fearing competition from the owner of the platform itself. Because Particl is run on the blockchain, transaction details cannot be altered, adding security and future evidence for both the buyers and sellers, even in extreme cases where a society is experiencing civil unrest. There will be security built in to deter the sales of particular goods, and regulators are able to be anonymous as either the buyer or seller. Updates to the platform will be made through user consensus, depending on the amount of participation in using the platform and user involvement in staking. Particl is a new kind of marketplace that has never existed before because the main participants are relying on themselves to trade their goods and services. They are participating in an actual free market, at least on the platform itself, and transaction details are forever stored. This is the long term vision of Particl and why it has the potential to change the world.

Apart from this, Particl has a native token, that is required for the platform to run and, from what I gather, has the potential to yield long term gains. There are more reasons why you could invest in Particl. Particl is run on the Bitcoin blockchain protocol, which is the oldest and most stable blockchain protocol. However, it uses proof of stake instead of proof of work mining, lending itself to less concentration of mining power in few hands. It is less susceptible to the scaling issues that Bitcoin faces. Holders can also earn interest passively through staking. There are two significant features of the marketplace and wallet that may be attractive to participants. Particl will feature Mutually Assured Destruction Escrow through its ability to have custom smart contracts. Users can also have both public and blind wallets in the Particl wallet.

If you want to find out more about Particl, you can visit their website at, as well as find them on Riot, Slack, and Telegram. Please see my two previous posts for a more in-depth understanding of the project.

Why You Should Invest In Particl

This is the second discussion on Particl, the upcoming e-commerce platform built on blockchain technology. Speaking again with Joe Fisher, an advisor to the Particl project, we delve into the features of the platform and the Particl token that make it an attractive option for those interested in expanding their portfolio.

Watch the video here:



00:00 Hi!

01:04 The Particl token is functional (a utility token)

and Particl is built on the oldest and most stable blockchain protocol (Bitcoin)

03:25 Particl is currency agnostic and will act as a conduit for different cryptocurrency holders

07:19 The more people who hold Particl, the better the speed and ecosystem.

20:38 Discussing proof of work vs proof of stake and what it means for Particl decentralization

22:03 Joe predicts Particl will become more scarce over time, especially due to loose change!

26:04 Disclaimer

28:43 MAD Escrow and Custom Smart Contracts 

44:50 Particl may avoid scaling issues that Bitcoin faces due to its proof of stake method

53:00 Holders will earn interest through staking

1:00:00 What do you think?

Why Particl Will Change the World

This is the first discussion in my web series on the upcoming e-commerce platform Particl. Speaking with Joe Fisher, an advisor at Particl, it covers the projects capabilities in depth, explains its value proposition, and Joe fields a bunch of inquisitive questions I ask.

Here is the video for your education and entertainment:



00:00 Hello! I’m back! Meet Joe, an Advisor for the Particl project

00:52 Who is Joe?

02:40 What Particl is and what it can do, why it’s so much better than other blockchains.

05:32 The core benefits of Particl as a marketplace

11:26 Allowing access to the global marketplace for those who do not have access to traditional infrastructure

16:58 I become concerned about getting both buyers and sellers to come to Particl

18:57 Do you understand that Amazon,, and Overstock are not the free market?

24:21 The marketplace Particl aims for has never existed before in human history

27:12 How do we get those traditionally excluded from the global marketplace to know about it?

31:21 Regulation is a really big topic

39:31 Decentralized updates through user consensus

41:32 Uncovering Joe’s true vision

42:24 What to do if you are interested in Particl

43:32 The spirit of what this technology can do to the world

44:32 I made a mistake!

47:06 Why is the blockchain (/cryptocurrency technology) so important for security between buyers and sellers?

50:42 How Particl can save you in wartime, and protect your assets from theft!

56:31 Goodbye!