The Undiscovered Privacy Coin: Particl

Here I am back with some exciting news about my video series and a more in-depth look at the privacy features that Particl has to offer. This post first covers my surprising encounter using Particl’s desktop wallet, where I realised how intuitive it was to transfer coins from my public to private address. Then, I went further to find out more about the history of privacy coins as a response to the emergence of blockchain technology. I explore the varying levels of technology used by Particl in its blockchain protocol, its platform for DApps and its private messaging service. I also discuss the philosophical implications of privacy coins, how privacy is an extension of the right to self-ownership, and why these projects are important in our times.

Have a look:



00:00 Exciting News

01:38 Why Privacy coins?

05:38 Multi-state privacy in Particl

09:20 Private messaging and dapps

12:40 The importance of privacy

16:11 Summary

Talk soon!