Why You Should Invest In Particl

This is the second discussion on Particl, the upcoming e-commerce platform built on blockchain technology. Speaking again with Joe Fisher, an advisor to the Particl project, we delve into the features of the platform and the Particl token that make it an attractive option for those interested in expanding their portfolio.

Watch the video here:



00:00 Hi!

01:04 The Particl token is functional (a utility token)

and Particl is built on the oldest and most stable blockchain protocol (Bitcoin)

03:25 Particl is currency agnostic and will act as a conduit for different cryptocurrency holders

07:19 The more people who hold Particl, the better the speed and ecosystem.

20:38 Discussing proof of work vs proof of stake and what it means for Particl decentralization

22:03 Joe predicts Particl will become more scarce over time, especially due to loose change!

26:04 Disclaimer

28:43 MAD Escrow and Custom Smart Contracts 

44:50 Particl may avoid scaling issues that Bitcoin faces due to its proof of stake method

53:00 Holders will earn interest through staking

1:00:00 What do you think?