Why Particl Will Change the World

This is the first discussion in my web series on the upcoming e-commerce platform Particl. Speaking with Joe Fisher, an advisor at Particl, it covers the projects capabilities in depth, explains its value proposition, and Joe fields a bunch of inquisitive questions I ask.

Here is the video for your education and entertainment:



00:00 Hello! I’m back! Meet Joe, an Advisor for the Particl project

00:52 Who is Joe?

02:40 What Particl is and what it can do, why it’s so much better than other blockchains.

05:32 The core benefits of Particl as a marketplace

11:26 Allowing access to the global marketplace for those who do not have access to traditional infrastructure

16:58 I become concerned about getting both buyers and sellers to come to Particl

18:57 Do you understand that Amazon, Jet.com, and Overstock are not the free market?

24:21 The marketplace Particl aims for has never existed before in human history

27:12 How do we get those traditionally excluded from the global marketplace to know about it?

31:21 Regulation is a really big topic

39:31 Decentralized updates through user consensus

41:32 Uncovering Joe’s true vision

42:24 What to do if you are interested in Particl

43:32 The spirit of what this technology can do to the world

44:32 I made a mistake!

47:06 Why is the blockchain (/cryptocurrency technology) so important for security between buyers and sellers?

50:42 How Particl can save you in wartime, and protect your assets from theft!

56:31 Goodbye!