TRANSCRIPT Particl Commercial ft. Sad Crypto Enthusiast

TRANSCRIPT  Particl Commercial ft. Sad Crypto Enthusiast


This is the story of a sad crypto-enthusiast. During the dark ages of crypto, earning passive staking income, came with rampant paranoia and costs that were too high to bear. Every night was fueled with the fear and gripping terror, that your tokens could be stolen at any second. Crypto enthusiasts would go to ANY length to have security.



Breaking News: Crypto-Enthusiasts fear that AI is hacking crypto and nothing is quantum resistant anymore



After Desi-Rae followed these simple instructions, life was much improved. That Desi-Rae that had grown a beard, was stressing out, chugging coffee, and staying up all night managing 40 virtual private servers, has found a new lease on life.

Desi-Rae quit stressing out with Particl and support.

Side effects include increased time for: bird watching, stargazing, having an existential crisis over Infinity War, FUDing on rival crypto telegrams, watching litebit keep everyone together, giving mad props to tecnovert for saving us all, practicing camping in Fortnite, buying into Tesla Roadster hype, reading thousands of headlines but tens of articles, maintaining a machete collection and sharpening your gurkha, and making money while sleeping.

Get involved with Particl today and talk to a community member about a plan that’s right for you. Some people can have serious reactions to Particl that are life-changing. If you notice happiness, comfort, or changes in behaviour that are not typical for you, please go to the Particl Telegram and report your symptoms right away.



“The urges to stress out over money and worry about its security aren’t like they used to be.”



Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment purposes only, and is an embellished announcement of the release of Particl’s new quantum-resistant, cold storage and cold staking solution, a first in crypto.